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Send flowers to Israel, Beer Sheva

We provide flower delivery to Beer sheva, Lehavim, Omer, Meitar and many more towns in the negev Our deliveries are quick and efficient to ensure that your purchase is delivered on time


Beer Sheva Florist, Central Station

For international customers dial now:  +972-8-6655918
For Local customers dial:   08-6655918

Tiz flowers is the largest chain of flower shops in the negev. In our shops you have the choice of purchasing already beautifully prepared bouquets
or we can create an arrangement just for you from our variety of flowers

Tiz flowers provides you with a wide variety of flower bouquets, seasonal flowers, colorful roses in many sizes, flower arrangements, a variety of beautiful and exotic plants, vases and plant holders, balloons, greeting cards, gifts, and more

Tiz cares about the quality of our products and the freshness of our flowers. All of our flowers, bouquets and arrangements are specially stored within refrigerators located in the shop to keep them fresh and youthful. Cold temperature at the right climate will keep the flowers moist and fresh all through the night

Xetra Large Flower Bouquet
249 NIS
Large Flower Bouquet
199 NIS
Medium Flower Bouquet
149 NIS
Small Flower Bouquet
99 NIS

Flower arrangements

We provide flower arrangements according to your request: Small arrangements, Table arrangements, Oval arrangements, arrangements in a flower pot or basket, "sweet" arrangements that consist of assorted chocolates, arrangements for diferents events and more…


Our shop grants a variety of different types of plants in many sizes such as: Spetofilium, Orchid, Anthurium, Guzmania, Bigonia, Nitzanim And Bonazai trees (that are said to bring good luck) such as: Love trees, Happiness trees and lucky bamboo.

Garden Tools

We also supply garden tools in different shapes and sizes to better care for your flower bouquets and flower arrangements such as: baskets, vases, flower pots, and other assorted gardening tools.


You can find birthday gifts and valentine gifts for those you love: Teddy bears that come in different sizes, candles and rose petals for a special romantic touch.

Tiz Chocolates

At tiz flowers we believe that quality and beauty are one in the same. Here you will find delicious quality chocolates such as: Belgian chocolate, Italian and praline chocolate and milk chocolate that come at great prices that can either be bought in bulk or packaged with special quality. We create elegant chocolate arrangements that are suitable for any event! We also provide deliveries to your home, business, or office!

Tiz balloons

We have a huge variety of balloons: Metallic balloons, gummy balloons, Disney and pixar balloons for children, heart-shaped balloons, singing balloons, balloons filled with smaller balloons, balloons especially for the birth of a boy or girl, valentine balloons and many more…

Greeting cards

We have many different types and sizes of greeting cards. Cards with a tune, packaged cards, cards with chocolate hearts, cards for a wedding anniversary, valentines, for the birth of a boy\girl and many, many more!

Flower delivery

We provide flower delivery to Ashdod, Beer sheva, lehavim, omer, meitar and many more towns in the negev. Our deliveries are quick and efficient to ensure that your purchase is delivered on time!

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Beer Sheva Florist, Central Station : +972-8-6655918